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Youth Intervention Specialist (Permanency & High Risk Youth Worker) - Competition # 1245

Edmonton   |      April 03, 2017 12:00

Category:     BSW
Closing Date:     05/03/2017
Employer:     The Family Centre
Title:     Youth Intervention Specialist (Permanency & High Risk Youth Worker) - Competition # 1245
Address:      #20, 9912 - 104 ST NW
City:     Edmonton
Date Posted:     04/03/2017
Salary:     $47,210 – 61,417 Annually

The Family Centre is looking for highly skilled individuals who are interested in challenging, frontline social work, providing community based support to high-risk youth who are lacking in permanency. This includes a significant proportion of Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit families and first generation Canadian youth that have experienced the impacts of trauma and multigenerational abuse and neglect. The Youth Intervention Specialist (YIS) was conceived in order to support the concept of furthering relational, legal and physical permanency for Children’s Services involved youth and young adults whom are disconnected from their families, communities, housing etc and may be engaged in high risk activities. The guiding principles of Collaborative Service Delivery (CSD) are early engagement, family/youth centered involvement, collaborative based practice, collaboration and shared responsibility with Children Services and flexibility/innovation within the delivery of services. They form the foundation for the approach this YIS position takes to working with youth and young adults under the Children’s Services program continuum.

The Family Centre has been working with community partners to build long term, promotional approaches to reverse the trend that an increasing proportion of our community’s children are at high risk and lacking permanence.  In our efforts to address the increasing number youth and young adults (up to age 24) that are disenfranchised we have developed a conceptual framework to focus on healthy and safe communities whereby children/youth live, grow and develop in community. This model has five fundamental constructs.

  • Community based model: High Risk Youth exist in the fringe of our communities.  We seek to envelop them in community -- to create a sense of belonging, stability, and establish healthy, lifelong, reliable relationships.
  • Ecological Approach: Looking at the youth within family, within the school and community.  Attempting to build capacity in all of those areas to work towards sustainable change. 
  • Resiliency Theory- Resiliency research has been helpful in providing us with a language or philosophical perspective. It has also given us a way to understand the correlation between protective factors (developmental strengths) and risk factors such as violence, addiction, sexual acting out.
  • Collaborative Work: Collaborative approach honoring all professions and agencies.  Raising youth and young adults within community takes all of us. The key is how do we work together to continue to remove barriers and systemic power dynamics to engage in collaborative, youth centric case planning and implementation with the youth, existing professionals, existing or newly identified natural supports including friends, family and community.
  • Promotion/Prevention/Intervention/Interdependence: the full spectrum of support is required to meet the goals of CSD. We strive to ensure that youth experience a healthy sense of belonging, increased stability, reduced homelessness, long lasting relationships, an increased circle of support and a sense of permanency.

YIS’s are ultimately responsible for the coordination, initiation and mobilization of internal and external resources, in collaboration with Children’s Services, required to meet the permanency objective as negotiated with the youth/young adult and Children Services.  YIS’s will advocate and be relentless in their pursuit of a coordinated community effort to achieve long term sustainable goals for our High Risk Youth.  

Qualifications:     • A Degree in Human Services
• 3 years’ experience working with families and/or youth
• Experience in program development
• When eligible apply for membership in a professional organization and maintain membership
• Understanding of community development approaches
• Understanding of harm reduction approaches
• Understanding of permanency concepts
• Knowledge of attachment, trauma and neuroscience
• Strong understanding of Child, Youth Enhancement Act
• Ability to work in and lead integrated teams
• Knowledge of community resources (particularly those pertaining to High Risk Youth)
• Standard First Aide and ASIST Suicide Intervention Training
• Police Security Clearance and Child Youth Information Records Check within the last 6 months
• Case Collaboration/Planning Skills
• Own and maintain a vehicle with a reasonable Standard Drivers Abstract and $2,000,000 liability insurance.
• Ability to be on-call 24/5 plus weekends on rotation

Description:     • Identify Permanency Objective in conjunction with Children Services and youth/young adults and develop service plans with the youth and their family and community supports as a means to meet this objective
• Utilize resiliency assessment tools to support the determination of goals
• Coordinate community supports and internal interventions
• Communicate with TFC team members; organize service delivery and formal documentation
• Provide on-call support to YIS clients 24/5 plus weekends on rotation
• Working with a flexible schedule which includes evening and weekend work regularly
• Coordinate and document service team meetings within the report format
• Develop Harm/ Danger statements, mappings and goals based on the Signs of Safety framework
• Expand the youth’s circle of support and reignite pre-existing relationships
• Assess on-going risk for youth and safety plan accordingly within a comprehensive team
• Work with agency to develop this new specialized youth service and practice framework, be comfortable with being in a developing program and being part of the development process.
Please forward your resume to:     CLOSING DATE
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Jacqueline Dagneau
Manager of Permanency