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Community Integration and Meaningful Occupation Specialist

Edmonton   |      July 14, 2017 12:00

Category:     RSW
Closing Date:     08/03/2017
Employer:     Pathways to Housing - Boyle McCauley Health Centre
Title:     Community Integration and Meaningful Occupation Specialist
Address:      10742 95th Street
City:     Edmonton
Date Posted:     07/14/2017
Salary:     $54,388-$69,414 (for a Social Worker)

Boyle McCauley Health Centre’s Pathways to Housing Program in Edmonton ends homelessness for people who suffer from complex psychiatric illnesses, usually co-occurring with problematic or addiction substance use issues, together with significant medical and social problems, by:


  • providing immediate access to permanent independent housing without requiring treatment or sobriety as a precondition for housing;
  • providing outreach community support and treatment with a philosophy that is founded in the principles of consumer choice and harm reduction;
  • providing services which are ‘Best Practices’ evidence informed and contributing to such evidence to find new and effective approaches to recovery and community integration for this marginalized population.


The Community Integration and Meaningful Occupation Specialist reporst to the Team Leader and are participating members of the inter-disciplinary Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team providing comprehensive wrap-around treatment, support and rehabilitation/recovery services for the clients of the program.  Using a team case management model, all team members are required to remain current with all clients, their situation, recovery program and goals.  All treatment/recovery plans are developed as a team, with clients directing their care.  In accordance with the Pathways to Housing model, all team members spend half of their time providing generalized supports that may not be part of their professional discipline, such as providing assistance with housing, life skills and tasks of daily living.


In addition to the ‘generalist’ role on the ACT Team described above, the Community Integration and Meaningful Occupation Specialist is responsible specifically for providing team leadership in planning, implementing and evaluating programs for individuals and/or client groups that facilitate expansion of meaningful daily activity in Clients’ lives, including supported employment and integration/reintegration into the community/neighbourhood in which the client is living. 


Responsibilities include:

  • assisting Clients to become acquainted with the neigbourhoods they reside in, including orientation to transit, grocery shopping, libraries, community organizations, etc.


  • identifying and developing resources for clients who are looking to enter/re-enter employment, volunteer work or to undertake more formal education/training programs – assisting Clients in identifying appropriate employers, organizations and/or programs, and in applying for employment, volunteer work and/or education/training programs and funding for same


  • assisting individual Clients to explore meaningful occupation for themselves and assisting them to incorporate meaningful occupation into their daily lives


  • collaborating with allied community agencies and services as required to assist the clients in meeting their recovery goals.  




Qualifications:     • Ability to be registered as an Occupational Therapist, Social Worker or Recreation Therapist in Alberta.

• Experience in one of more of following areas:
o acute psychiatry and crisis intervention/emergency services;
o mental health services in a community treatment setting;
o on an Assertive Community Treatment Team;
o working in addictions, concurrent disorders and/or Housing First; and/or
o providing outreach services in a ‘street/inner city/chronic homelessness’ environment or equivalent.

• Knowledge of best practices in
o working with people with complex co-occurring serious mental illness, addiction and medical issues;
o client centered, strength-based recovery treatments/rehabilitation strategies;
o Housing First/Pathway to Housing models;
o Harm Reduction philosophy; and
o Community Integration, Supported Employment and other aspects of Meaningful Occupation.

• Successful experience in inter-disciplinary teamwork.

• Experience in community allied service networking

• Knowledge and practice in integrating cultural contexts into practice and service delivery.

• Responsible, organized, punctual and efficient; communication skills/literacy (written, oral, computer); A continuous learner

• Valid driver’s license, use of personal car and Physical capacity to perform job duties.
Description:     This is a permanent, full-time position. Regular hours of work are 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday. However, some flexibility around actual work hours is required, and each Team Member is on 24/7 on-call, approximately 7 weeks per year. A reliable vehicle is required as Team Members drive daily for Client visits, most of which occur in Clients’ homes or elsewhere in the community.
Please forward your resume to:     Please submit all inquiries and applications via email by August 3rd, 2017 to:

Wendy Bouwman Oake, Program Director
Pathways to Housing Program