Alberta College of Social Workers

Youth and Family Support Worker - BASE CAMP

Calgary   |      April 11, 2018 12:00

Category:     SW Dip, BSW
Closing Date:     04/30/2018
Employer:     Enviros Wilderness School Association
Title:     Youth and Family Support Worker - BASE CAMP
Address:      40 minutes NW of Cochrane
City:     Calgary
Date Posted:     04/11/2018
Salary:     To be determined

The Youth & Family Support Worker will assume collaborative responsibility for the management of individual cases with a Shift Supervisor and AHS Addiction Counselor.  Each worker is assigned to a key client and is responsible for the activities related to the admission, case/treatment plan and transition plan related to the youth.  In providing this care Youth & Family Support Workers must have a working knowledge of the policy manual and accreditation standards used by Enviros, and the policies used by AHS, with regard to the services provided to the youth and his/her family.  This is inclusive of the youth’s rights, services available to them and the program's responsibilities in providing services.

It is your responsibility to communicate and collaborate with other professionals (e.g. transition/intake workers, Shift Supervisors, AHS Addictions Counselors, Family Counsellors, probation officers, teachers, etc.) involved with your key client.  This means ensuring timely meetings occur to meet the goals and objectives of the case and/or treatment plan.

It is your responsibility to communicate with the family/support people for your key client.  This means ensuring timely communication, updates and planning to maintain support and a positive relationship with the family/support people.

It is your role to pass this information to the rest of your staff team.  This establishes a consistent environment for the youth in the program and on visits, and allows the program staff to work as a team.  

As a key worker, you are required to develop a relationship with the youth to assist them in meeting their goals while in the program.    In this relationship, you are required to meet with the youth on a weekly basis to establish and discuss these goals while in the program.  

While on shift at Enviros, it is your role to develop positive relationships with all youth who reside in the program.  As a Youth & Family Support Worker you set the stage for how conflicts will be resolved and are an example of how to speak and act respectfully to others.  It is also part of your role to deliver an effective treatment program and support youth in effecting change.  In order to assist youth in developing these skills you must be present with them and be involved with interacting with the youth whenever possible.  

Wilderness-based activities are a significant part of the Base Camp program.  Trips are taken with youth to increase the opportunities for experientially based learning and expose youth to a different therapeutic environment.  You will be expected to participate in and contribute to the trip (treatment planning, facilitation, debriefing, logistical preparation and trip planning, etc.), depending on your skills and abilities.  

Qualifications:     It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid First Aid and CPR certificate at commencement. You are also committing to completing your class 4 driving requirements in the first 3 months.

During your first six months of working for Enviros, the following training will be provided for you (depending on certificates you have already received):

 Enviros Orientation
 Aboriginal Awareness Training
 Cultural Diversity Training
 Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training
 Suicide Intervention Training
 Other training as required

Description:     An important aspect of being accountable and professional is having accurate and comprehensive documentation recording our work. As a Youth & Family Support Worker you are responsible for all documentation related to your key client and clients with whom you interact. This includes: shift exchange documentation, case/treatment plans, daily client notes, admission forms, discharge reports, outcome and evaluation tools and ensuring client memorabilia is current and on file.

During your shift, you are responsible to assist in documenting the daily activities of each youth in the program. If there are any critical incidents these must be recorded on the appropriate form before you leave your shift. Any contact with other professionals involved with the youth must be documented. Contact with family or other outside persons involved with the youth must be documented as well.

In this process your documentation should be able to link back to the case/treatment plan and goals for the youth’s involvement in the program. From this information continued growth and development can be measured for the youth while in the program.
Please forward your resume to:     Please forward your cover letter and resume, quoting reference number #1818, attention Chris Sullivan to The deadline for applications is April 30, 2018.