Alberta College of Social Workers

Youth Liaison - Competition #1293

Edmonton   |      January 11, 2018 12:00

Category:     BSW
Closing Date:     01/19/2018
Employer:     The Family Centre
Title:     Youth Liaison - Competition #1293
Address:      #20 9912 - 106 Street
City:     Edmonton
Date Posted:     01/11/2018
Salary:     From $44,096 to $56,827 Annually

Youth Liaisons help to transform the ecology surrounding youth to increase the probability of positive change within their lives and the lives of their families. A positive environment surrounding youth prevents involvement with the criminal justice system, which is manifested in safe and crime-free communities and neighborhoods for not only youth, but other community members as well. This is achieved by mobilizing youth and youth serving agencies to be active agents in sustainable, positive community change. The position reports to the Manager of Community Initiatives.

Qualifications:     • Degree in Human Services
• Community development experience an asset
• Experience working with high risk youth
• Ability to create and manage community based projects/initiatives
• Eligibility for membership in a professional organization
• Effective communication skills with a wide range of individuals
• Ability to work in an integrated service team
• Knowledge of community resources
• Computer Literacy

• Police Criminal Record Check and Child and Youth Information Systems Check (must have to start employment and renewed every 3 years)
• Enhanced Police Intervention Check approved through Edmonton Police Services
• Standard First Aide-16 Hours and Suicide Intervention Training-14 Hours (must have within 3 months of employment and refreshed every 3 years)
• Aboriginal Awareness (8 hours within the first twelve months of employment and every year thereafter)
Description:     • Youth Liaisons advocate for youth by:
 consulting with youth and youth-serving agencies regularly to be informed of current crime and safety issues faced by youth

• Youth Liaisons mobilize youth by:
 Bringing youth together to be part of the solution to neighborhood crime and safety
 Seeking out and building relationships with all youth-serving organizations in order to be well-informed of the youth-based capacity in the community

• Youth Liaisons respond to crime and safety issues with innovation and creativity by:
 Researching local, provincial, national and international responses that can inform practice within Edmonton
 Collaborating with various stakeholders, including youth and youth-serving agencies, in order to develop strength-based, diverse, best-practice informed responses

• Youth Liaisons collaborate to address crime and safety issues and build positive ecology around youth by:
 Continually researching community organizations, resources and stakeholders to create opportunities to familiarize ourselves with contacts within those organizations; employing those contacts when useful in order to meet particular needs within our work
 Bridging community partners, residents, families, schools, youth-serving organizations, and municipal and provincial decision-makers to ensure that youth in the targeted areas(s) are being supported effectively and perceived positively

• Youth Liaisons evaluate and understand crime and safety issues, and their root causes by:
 Evaluating the youth perspective on the issue; addressing apathy, ignorance, and disconnect from the issue at stake and maximizing on the strengths and capacities at hand
 Understanding how the youth perspective and the perspective of other stakeholders may differ and helping to broker conversations between the two entities
• Youth Liaisons analyze crime and safety issues, root causes and solutions by:
 Using research based analysis in addition to both the community and youth perspective to understand and define the issue
 Collecting the opinions and knowledge of the youth population on targeted issues; evaluating how prevalent the youth voice is on the issue and strategizing with young leaders as to getting the youth population more involved
Nimir Raval
Manager, Community Initiatives