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Forensic Community and Liaison Social Worker (Regular Full Time)

Prince George, BC   |      March 13, 2018 12:00

Category:     BSW, MSW
Closing Date:     04/27/2018
Employer:     BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services
Title:     Forensic Community and Liaison Social Worker (Regular Full Time)
Address:      2nd Floor, 1584 7th Avenue
City:     Prince George, BC
Date Posted:     03/13/2018
Salary:     BSW Wage: $29.48 To $36.75 per hour / MSW Wage: $32.85 To $40.96 per hour

The regional Forensic Psychiatric Clinics are responsible for the supervision, monitoring and treatment of persons found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder (NCRMD) as well as any persons found Unfit to Stand Trial, but granted a conditional discharge by the BC Review Board. This includes monitoring the patient's progress in treatment and ensuring that the patient is adhering to the conditions set out in the Disposition Order provided by the BC Review Board. 

The regional clinics also conduct assessments that are ordered by the Courts of British Columbia. These assessments include evaluations for fitness to stand trial, evaluations of criminal responsibility (NCRMD) or pre-sentence psychiatric / psychological assessments. They also provide assessment and treatment services for individuals referred by BC Corrections who are subject to a legal order with specific conditions. 
Qualifications:     * Bachelor’s degree, or Master's Degree in Social Work from an accredited School of Social Work.
* Two (2) years recent, related experience working in a mental health setting.
* Full registration with the British Columbia College of Social Workers (BCCSW) is required.
* Valid BC Driver’s License. Local area travel may require the use of a personal vehicle.
* Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate.
Description:     * Conducts initial intake and ongoing biopsychosocial social work psychiatric assessments including current mental status examinations, general assessments of physical health, special needs/precautions, and completes all related assessment tools as per policy. Identifies, develops and implements an Integrated Treatment Plan based on the evaluation of clinical risk and need through the completion of the Short-term Assessment of Risk & Treatability (START). Ensures the Regional Clinic Manager is informed of emerging problems, unusual circumstances, plans of action, and legal issues concerning assigned clients. Screens to determine whether referral to or liaison with other agencies is required and whether appropriate community options exist.
* Provides community case coordination and advocacy services for clients by methods such as communicating and monitoring client contacts with mental health teams, private psychiatrists, family physicians, probation, other specialists, and social service agencies that are involved in the provision of services to the client to ensure continuity of care and sharing of pertinent information; establishing and maintaining excellent working relationships with all resources; communicating closely with treating psychiatrists/psychologists to ensure ongoing evaluation and effective treatment; and working in collaboration with other community resources to meet the client’s need for assistance including financial, housing, medical and psychiatric care, substance abuse intervention, family support, employment/skills training opportunities, life skills training, transportation, and prosocial/recreational programs.
* Maintains concise and accurate documentation of relevant information on client files in accordance with FPSC policy standards to meet regulatory requirements and provide evidence and rationale to support findings and treatment plan such as compiling pertinent background information for clinical case planning and collecting information to assist psychiatrists/psychologists in the preparation of reports for the Courts. Provides written reports and summaries as per FPSC policy, standards and guidelines.
* Provides clinical services, information and support, and short-term, time-limited follow-up as required by methods such as addressing immediate social or mental health needs, providing counseling/therapeutic support to individual clients and their families, and acting as a group co-facilitator as required; assisting with finding shelter, food, financial assistance, medication or referral to other appropriate resources; and monitoring client for presence of side effects such as extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS), tardive dyskinesia and other movement disorders related to psychoactive medications, providing information on medication management, including teaching the client about benefits and possible side effects; and giving advice and information about mental illness, personality disorders, range of treatment options available, court process, community options, and resources and education on mental illness.
* Facilitates access to psychiatric and social services by methods such as receiving referrals as per FPSC policy, accompanying clients to community resources as clinically appropriate as part of their community transition plan; and conducting home visits as per the ITP and FPSC policy, and meeting with clients outside of the office environment to assess and assist with their community reintegration and prosocial development.
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** Relocation Allowance May Be Available **