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Youth Justice Conferencing Specialist

Vancouver, BC   |      May 08, 2018 12:00

Category:     SW Dip, BSW
Closing Date:     05/23/2018
Employer:     BC Ministry of Children and Family Development
Title:     Youth Justice Conferencing Specialist
Address:      5550 Fraser Street
City:     Vancouver, BC
Date Posted:     05/08/2018
Salary:     $61,665.45 - $70,367.02 annually

BC Ministry of Children and Family Development

Youth Justice Conferencing Specialist

Salary $61,665.45 - $70,367.02 annually

A great opportunity to have a hands-on role helping youth in your community 

Under delegated authority of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the Youth Justice Act, the Youth Justice Conferencing Specialist (YJCS) provides restorative conferencing services in response to an order of the Youth Justice Court or referral by a Youth Probation Officer. The Youth Justice Conferencing Specialist is a youth probation officer appointed under the Youth Justice Act and a Youth Worker within the meaning of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. In your role, you will assist the court in its deliberations and assist those impacted by crime, including victims, offenders and their communities. You also accept court and probation referrals; assess participant suitability for restorative conferences; support and help prepare participants; convene family group conferences; and prepare formal reports to the court and referring probation officers regarding the outcomes. The YJCS works collaboratively within justice system professionals and community members to address the harm caused by an offence and its aftermath.

Qualifications:     Qualifications for this role include:
• University degree, including but not limited to Bachelor of Arts in Criminology/Psychology/Sociology, Bachelor of Social Work, or Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care, or Masters in Educational Counselling/Masters Clinical Psychology or equivalent.
Note: If your degree was obtained outside of Canada, you need to confirm it has been assessed for equivalency through the International Credential Evaluation Services (ICES). Confirmation for equivalency for your degree is required for you to be considered.
• Minimum one year of work or volunteer experience directly with youth.
• Successful completion of the Youth Probation Officer Basic Training OR
• Successful completion of the following courses offered by the Justice Institute of BC:
o Overview of the Youth Justice System - YJUS-1006
o Overview of the Youth Criminal Justice Act - YJUS-1007
o Community Youth Probation Officer - YJUS-1008
• Note: For those applicants who have not yet successfully completed the Youth Probation Officer Basic Training, there will be a condition of employment imposed that all 3 of the YJUS courses offered by the Justice Institute of BC (noted above) be successfully completed within 30 days of employment. The cost of these courses will be the onus of the successful applicant.
Description:     In the role of Youth Justice Conferencing Specialist, you will serve as a community and Ministry resource person in the development and use of restorative practices and principles aimed at the prevention of youth crime and the resolution of harm caused by youth crime, and performing other related duties as required.
Please forward your resume to:     For more information and to apply online by May 23, 2018, please go to: