Alberta College of Social Workers

The Advocate

The Advocate Winter 2014

Current Issue : Advocate Summer 2015          

Cover Story
    2015 ACSW Annual Conference highlights
  • What my Alberta social work education missed
  • New social workers hopeful despite challenges
  • Choosing happiness
  • Day in the life: Deborah Miville
The Advocate Fall 2014

Past Issue : Advocate Spring 2015              

Cover Stories
  • Conference speaker Leilani Farha on human rights
  • Gay-straight alliances save lives

ACSW publishes a quarterly magazine each year entitled, The Advocate. The Advocate is one of the primary communication means used to inform membership of College activities as well as current issues of relevance to social workers in Alberta. Each issue includes a number of regular features, such as A Day in the Life of a Social Worker, Ethics in Action, and Diploma Dialogue, and a list of upcoming activities and conferences. Additional articles relate to practice and social issues.

Social workers interested in writing an article for The Advocate should contact the Membership Activities Coordinator - North and refer to the ‘Share your knowledge' document.

The Advocate Editorial Board

Member of the Editorial Board meet on a quarterly basis. Board members review feedback received from the previous issue, discuss feature article ideas and article submissions.

Editorial Board Members:

Cindy Haugen, Samuel Mammen (Co-Chairs), Jill Hoselton, Michelle Humeny, Corrine Janzen, Jo-Anne Beggs, Tasha Novick, Sherri Tanchak, Andrea Newberry-Koroluk, Melanie Sawatzky, Bukola Salami

Editor: Joan Marie Galat, MoonDot Media

Production Editor: Jena Snyder, Clear Lake Publishing


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