Pathways to Effective Communication
14-Apr-2018 9:00 AM - 28-Apr-2018 5:00 PM - -


Pathways to Effective Communication


April 14 and April 28 9am-5pm both days 


Campbell Centre 200 Carnegie Drive St. Albert


Communication workshop 

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Ryan Chopin 

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Solution Focused Management 

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 December 27, 2017

SFM’s “Pathways to Effective Communication” workshop is appropriate for individuals and teams wishing to enhance their interpersonal communication skills. SFM works with a diverse array of sectors and the skills are applicable to both personal and professional contexts. Content & Structure The workshop provides a better understanding of how communication skills enhance relationships. Participants learn and practice several varieties and methods for communicating effectively. The workshops can also be combined with follow-up coaching sessions,which better supports long-term behavioural changes needed to fully adopt the information taught in the workshop. A basic understanding of the utility of asking questions, interpreting body language, and using cues to interpret and establish meaning in communication • Insight into methods for personal implementation of the concepts presented • An understanding of asking questions using open and closed question formats • Awareness of the impact of body language and tonality in communication • Knowledge of the impacts different communication styles have in interpersonal interactions • Activities to allow participants to put theory into practice • Effect of communication styles on relationship-building • Impact of different communication styles in working with people • Use of active listening skills in effective communication • Importance of identifying personal communication preferences • Role of communication in creating psychological safety in the workplace • Free 30-minute coaching sessions (number dependent on total number of workshop participants)

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