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BICS Clinician, 13 month maternity leave coverage

Calgary   |      June 08, 2018 12:00

Category:     MSW, RSW
Closing Date:     07/02/2018
Employer:     Catholic Family Service
Title:     BICS Clinician, 13 month maternity leave coverage
Address:      Suite 250, 707 10th Avenue SW
City:     Calgary
Date Posted:     06/08/2018
Salary:     59,000 - 72,000

Catholic Family Service (CFS) is all about building strong families. Our programs and services respond to the challenges that threaten families and leave them vulnerable. We focus on enhancing the mental health and well-being of our clients, empowering parents, nurturing children’s healthy development and enabling success in school. We take an integrated approach across our service portfolio, always looking for the opportunity to encourage discussion and healing at the family level. In so doing, we enable CFS professionals to help their clients build strong and resilient families – and to break through the cycle of vulnerability to live the lives they have always wanted.

Qualifications:     • Have a Master’s Degree and Registration in Social Work or Psychology;
• Have skills and knowledge concerning trauma, child development, grief and loss, frequently encountered syndromes and behavioral interventions;
• Have a demonstrated ability to engage individuals and systems;
• Love to contribute ideas and to work in a healthy, balanced and stimulating environment;
• Have a strong customer service philosophy that guides your practice.
Description:     Catholic Family Service is seeking a qualified Social Worker or Psychologist to provide assessment and brief intervention on an outreach basis to kin and foster homes as part of an inter-agency team. The clinician works in partnership with Calgary Region Children’s Services. We have a full-time position available that includes travel within Calgary and professional development and training.
Please forward your resume to:     E-send your resume by July 2nd to:
Sarah Rosenfeld, Supervisor, Counselling Services