Alberta College of Social Workers
Role of a Mentor 

The role of the mentor is to:

  • Focus on the goals of the mentee.
  • Share your professional knowledge and experience.
  • Reduce professional isolation.
  • Provide a confidential, non-evaluative and trusting enciroment
  • Nurture personal development.
Mentoring enables individuals to reach their full potential and is foundational for success, particularly in today's work environment. For registered members, the desire to further their knowledge and develop their practice is best realized through mentoring.
Advantages of mentoring to the mentee include:
  • Practice specialization opportunities (the social work profession is very broad and can prove to be challenging for a developing social worker to find their niche)
  • Insight on career transitions (which social career might the mentee be best suited to?") 
  • Identification and enhancement of professional strengths (a supported reflection on the unique combinations of assets that the social worker brings to the profession and how to use these strengths to create and maintain a fulfilling social work career)