Alberta College of Social Workers
Practice Mentor Readiness Self-Assessment 

ACSW's Mentor Program is a formal network of experienced registered social workers willing to share their expertise and wisdom. As an ACSW Mentor, you can offer your mentoring on a short-term or long-term basis. Short-term mentoring is defined as three to seven contacts over a two-to-six-month period. Long-term mentoring requires a commitment of up to one year. 

I am prepared to:
  • Be available, approachable and willing to make mentorship a priority
  • Employ a strengths-based collaborative approach;
  • Collaboratively establish, maintain and promote professional boundaries;
  • Create a culture of belonging and safety;
  • Foster positive personal and professional relationships; and
  • Be a role model of ethical practice, self-care, and commitment.
I have:
  • Completed the CASW Code of Ethics Refresher.