Alberta College of Social Workers

Phase 1

Alberta's prosperity has increased the gap between the haves and have nots. This gap contributes to Alberta's social problems and makes fulfilling the responsibilities of social work difficult. ACSW has produced podcasts highlighting how different critical aspects of our society are negatively affected by this gap. The podcasts feature Registered Social Workers who live and work in Alberta.

Social workers are encouraged to raise awareness of income disparity by approaching candidates, handing out information to the public and writing a letter to your local newspaper editor. A Candidate Feedback Form (available in word and pdf formats) has been developed so we can keep track of candidate reaction.

ACSW is also approaching candidates directly to get their answers to specific questions (available in word and pdf formats).

Candidate Responses and Feedback on Candidates is listed in the related links below.

ACSW has taken a leadership role in stopping the growing income disparity between Alberta’s haves and have-nots. It has embarked on a campaign to raise awareness of the gap, offer solutions for arresting and closing it, and working with government to implement appropriate social policy changes.

  • Phase I of the campaign will raise awareness of Alberta’s disparity gap and the impact it has on social work.
  • Phase II will build upon the foundation of understanding and awareness created during Phase I and work to achieve positive change in social policies and programs.

A variety of tools will be used to educate and motivate people. It is important Albertans voice their support for better social infrastructure in our province. Tools include podcasts featuring ACSW Registered Social Workers and a handbill. The handbill is being distributed throughout Alberta and asks people to talk to candidates about disparity during the provincial election. Feel free to download and distribute the handbill yourself.

E-mail Lori Sigurdson, Manager, Professional Affairs ( if you want to get involved or simply stay in touch with the campaign.


Income Disparity and the Impact in Alberta

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