Alberta College of Social Workers

'Social Workers Embracing a Diverse and Changing World'

March 31 - April 2, 2016

Shaw Conference Centre - Edmonton

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Diversity is an ever present part of our world. How do we best embrace and celebrate our differences? Life is not static. We are constantly evolving and changing. In our Code of Ethics we are called upon to participate in the development of new professional knowledge. As a profession we strive to create and implement the best possible policies and services for the diverse communities we serve.

Dr. Marie Wilson is this years Keynote. Learn more about Dr. Wilson’s story here as she offers examples of the rupture from family and home, and the loss of cultural ties that witnesses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission almost universally spoke about experiencing when they were taken from their families and communities as part of the Indian Residential Schools system.

Download the Advocate article on Dr. Marie Wilson here.

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  • Provide a forum to share practice experiences
  • Showcase recent developments and innovations in social work
  • Highlight best practices that promote caring, self-fulfillment, autonomy, participation and independence for diverse populations
  • Celebrate ethical practice
  • Rejuvenate and refresh social workers through self-care workshops
  • Connect with colleagues

Dr. Marie Wilson, Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner
Dr Marie Wilson  

Keynote Description
The legacy of Indian Residential Schools is a part of our diverse Canadian history. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was set up to acknowledge the past wrongdoings and to give an opportunity for survivors to share their experiences. This keynote presentation will address residential schools, their impact, steps to move forward and change. The presentation will include some videos of people sharing their stories related to Indian Residential Schools.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was an initiative that took place between 2009 – 2015. Marie was one of the three commissioners who led the initiative. In order to advance the process of reconciliation the Commission issued the Calls to Action document. Marie will highlight the process of developing this document and will highlight some of the calls to action.
We will be challenged to see how the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Calls to Action applies to us as social workers and Canadians. We will come away feeling empowered and hopeful to move forward towards reconciliation.

Keynote Biography -  Visit the Truth and Reconciliation website to view Marie Wilson’s biography .

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