Alberta College of Social Workers

Friday Afternoon Sessions

18. Deepening Our Communities In Alberta See more.

Speakers :

  • Linda Kreitzer, PhD, RSW, Associate Professor, Central and Northern Region, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Nora Smith, BSc, Delburne Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Community Worker
  • Karen Fegan, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Delburne
  • Anne Harvey, Community Recreation Coordinator, City of Edmonton

Description : This workshop will build on Tamarack Institute’s four ways to deepen community and will present two Alberta community building projects as examples of deepening community. Hide

19. Poverty. What Have Rights Got To Do With It? See more.

Speaker :

  • Leilani Farha, MSW, LLB, Executive Director, Canada Without Poverty.

Description : The workshop will use Canada Without Poverty’s Human Rights Guide to Poverty Elimination as a vehicle to discuss how social workers might use a human rights based approach within their work. Hide

20. Creating Community: Supporting ALL Of The Families Of The Foster Child See more.

Speakers :

  • Myrna McNitt, MSW, LSW, Adjunct Professor, Lake Michigan Community College
  • Kathleen Kufledt, PhD, RSW, Adjunct Professor, University of New Brunswick

Description : Children in foster care often experience a profound sense of isolation and disruption from their family and community. Participants will learn how to promote the well-being of the child inclusive care practices to assure the child feels connected to a community to call home. Hide

21. Completing The ACSW Continuing Competency Annual Submission Requirements See more.

Speakers :

  • Rob Poggemiller, BSW, RSW, Caseworker, Continuing Competence Committee (Chair), ACSW
  • Bruce Llewellyn, MSW, RSW, Manager, Regulatory Practice, ACSW

Description : This workshop is designed for members who are new to the Alberta College of Social Work. Participants will learn about the history and legislative background to the Continuing Competence Program. This workshop will guide you through your continuing competency program annual portfolio completion, by teaching new user-friendly updates as well as taking time to explore reflective practice. Hide

22. Women’s Friendships: Heartaches And Hopes See more.

Speaker :

  • Judy Chew, MSW, Phd, RPsych, Director of Training/Senior Counsellor, University of Calgary

Description : Women’s experience of positive friendships with other women is key to health and wellbeing. This workshop explores the complexities and benefits of friendship. Strategies for addressing negative experiences will be shared. Hide

23. How Did You Get Here? Sharing Journeys To Social Justice See more.

Speakers :

  • Liza Lorenzetti, MSW, RSW, Instructor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Joan Farkas, MSW, RSW, Community Social Worker, City of Calgary

Description : This workshop is a place to explore your own inroads to social justice using the Pechakucha as a sharing tool. We invite you to reflect on some key questions, and creat your own narrative based on life-shaping moments that influenced your social work path. Hide

24. Dancing The Toddler Tango: Strategies And Challenges Of Infant/Preschool See more.

Speakers :

  • Kallie Lavoie, MSW, RSW, Children's Mental Health Therapist, Alberta Health Services
  • MaryLou Godard, R.Psych, Certified Play Therapist, Children's Mental Health Therapist, Alberta Health Services

Description : This workshop will discuss the infant-preschool mental health program in Medicine Hat and share some "tricks of the trade" for engaging small children in therapy. Hide

25. Aboriginal Fathers Are Parents Too! See more.

Speakers :

  • Jean Lafrance, PhD, RSW, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Bernadette Iahtail, RSW, Executive Director of Programs, Creating Hope Society

Description : Aboriginal fathers are often marginalized by helping systems that deal with their families. We will present the challenges they face and propose practical solutions. Hide

26. The Case For Aboriginal Technology See more.

Speaker :

  • Dennis Whitford, MSW, RSW, Senior Advisor Aboriginal Services and Special Projects, Northwest Alberta Child and Family Services Authority

Description : This presentation provides a comparison of helping technologies between those that have their roots in Aboriginal cultures and conventional ways of helping that originate from the non-native world view. It demonstrates the merits and advocates for an organizational shift toward incorporating Aboriginal technologies into our human service organizations. Hide

27. Our Future Community: Online Services At ACSW See more.

Speakers :

  • Noreen Majek, Executive Assistant/Administrative Team Lead, ACSW
  • Laurie Nelson, Registration/Online Service Support Analyst, ACSW

Description : Exciting opportunity to learn the “how to’s” of renewing registration, competency, downloadable practice permits and receipts in 90 minutes or less! Plus, the amazing tools offered through the ACSW new software “in1Touch”. Hide

28. The Critical Balance To Ensure Safety In Child Protection See more.

Speaker :

  • Jim Toner, SW Dip, RSW, Regional Fostercare/Kinship care Supervisor Specialist, North Central Alberta Child and Family Services

Description : This workshop provides a review of the development of safety standards and the outcome of commitments made to meet those standards through resource allocation within the Ministry of Human Services. What can be done to ensure that standards are upheld? Hide

29. Creating Effective Learning See more.

Speakers :

  • Melanie Sawatzky, BSW, RSW, Manager, Support Services, Silvera for Seniors
  • Jennifer Burnell, MA, Learning and Development Specialist, UFA Cooperative

Description : Learn how to combine substance and style to create positive and engaging learning experiences for colleagues and clients. The essentials for designing a presentation will be shared. Hide

30. Community Animation Using Video See more.

Speaker :

  • David Baxter, MSW, Retired
  • Nila Stringer PALSS member formerly the president
  • Willow Brocke, M Ed. BSW

Description : Using video and community processes learn how to engage citizens. Develop an understanding of how they may work for you. Water, Water, Everywhere video will be used to illustrate. Hide

31. Neighbourhood Grants: A Tool For Strengthening Community See more.

Speakers :

  • Joy Norstrom, BSW, RSW, Community Social Worker, City of Calgary
  • Christine Lee, BSW, RSW, Community Social Worker, City of Calgary
  • Neeru Basra

Description : Learn why community grants are effective for strengthening neighbourhoods. Workshop content includes: partnering with residents as co-agents of change, developing leadership, practical tools, sharing challenges and success stories. Hide

32. Phases Of Disaster And Community Development: Enhancing Psychosocial Resilience See more.

Speakers :

  • Elsaby Johnstone, BSW, RSW, Mental Health Clinician, Community Disaster Outreach Team, Alberta Health Services
  • Debra Armstrong, BSW, RSW, Psychosocial Education and Training (Flood Response), Alberta Health Services

Description : This workshop will support participants to cultivate an understanding of the social work role in psychosocial interventions related to community development and mental health in all phases of disaster. Hide

33. Beyond Emergency Departments: Identifying, Cultivating & Engaging Communities See more.

Speakers :

  • Peggy Porisky, MSW, RSW, Emergency Department Social Worker, Alberta Health Services
  • Pat Anderson, MSW, RSW, Emergency Department Social Worker, Alberta Health Services

Description : This workshop will walk conference participants through the process of identifying, cultivating and engaging communities in order to support patients in an urban hospital. Hide

34. Making The Most Of Your Private Practice See more.

Speakers :

  • Judi Baron, MSW, RSW, Clinical Social Worker, Private Practitioner
  • Liz Hides, MSW, RSW, CT, Clinical Social Worker, Private Practitioner, Healthy Directions

Description : This workshop will focus on the practical management of a private practice. Participants will learn how to build a more effective and successful practice. Hide

35. A Community Response To Domestic Violence: Calgary Man’s Action Network See more.

Speakers :

  • Madan Nath, MSW, Researcher/Organizer Men’s Action Network Calgary, Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary and Men’s Action Network, Calgary
  • Vic Lantion, Internationally educated physician and nurse, Program Coordinator, Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary
  • Abbas Mancey, BSc, Project Coordinator, Calgary Family Services

Description : Preventing domestic violence in the next generation requires changing values, norms and behaviors. Calgary MAN brings together a participatory action research approach and a grassroots community development project aimed at engaging and supporting ethnically-diverse men to build capacity and enhance their roles in violence prevention. Hide

36. The Social Work Career Contributions Of James Gripton See more.

Speaker :

  • Mary Valentich, PhD, RSW, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Description : Viewing of a DVD on Gripton’s 60 year career, with discussion relating to major trends in social work education and practice from 1940s to 2000s. Hide

37. Old Boots: an integrative group for traumatized veterans See more.

Speakers :

  • Liz Massiah, MSW, RSW, R.Psych, Owner, E. Massiah Consulting, Old Boots Veterans Association
  • Lesley Bowness, BSW, RSW, Program Manager Old Boots Veterans Association, Pathways Family Services

Description : Participants will learn 3 characteristics of the Old Boots’ approach to veterans with Operational Stress Injuries. Creative arts techniques will be demonstrated and therapeutic techniques for this population. Hide 

69. Using Narrative Ideas and Practices To Co-Create Community Hopefulness See more.

Speakers :

  • Don McGillivray, MEd, MSc, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, Narrative Reflections Inc.

Description : Tired of working in ways that have become so known and familiar come and learn how to have conversations that invigorate the imagination using narrative ideas and practices. Hide