Alberta College of Social Workers

Friday Morning Sessions

1. Connect, Connect, Connect See more.

Speaker :

  • Leilani Farha, MSW, LLB, Executive Director, Canada Without Poverty

Description :

Canada Without Poverty (CWP) cares deeply about community – community as an agent of social change. They work to support and grow a community of people who are bound together not by their contributions to market capitalism, but by a common pursuit: the eradication of poverty in Canada, based on common principles, human rights and justice.

The Keynote presentation will explore CWP’s efforts to rearticulate poverty as a matter of human rights, and social justice, situating our work within a different community and the activities we’ve undertaken. Leilani will highlight tools – both traditional and modern - we have used to build a community committed to addressing poverty using a human rights framework. This presentation communal learning tool for those in attendance to share their experiences and learn from one another.


2. Information Sharing: Supporting Collaborative Service Delivery See more.

Speaker :

  • George Alvarez, Director, Information Sharing Strategy Office, Alberta Human Services

Description : As Alberta moves towards more comprehensive, citizen centric service delivery approaches, sharing personal information within collaborative partnerships becomes critical to obtaining successful outcomes for Albertans. Come learn about best information sharing practices for social workers. Hide

3. Healthy Families And A Safe Community – A Collective Neighborhood Response See more.

Speakers :

  • Atiya Ashna, BA, Community Organizer, United Way of Calgary
  • Lalita Singh, MA, MPhil, Community Coordinator, United Way of Calgary
  • Liza Lorenzetti, MSW, RSW, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Diane Altwasser, MA, Community Planner, United Way of Calgary
  • Cesar Cala, Manager, United Way of Calgary

Description : Learn how place, culture, faith and diversity work together as strengths to uncover the multiple possibilities of building a domestic violence prevention plan in Calgary’s North East communities. Hide

4. A Community Of Practice Affecting Care After Pregnancy Or Infant Loss See more.

Speakers :

  • Carrie Collier, MSW, RSW, Unit Manager, Women’s Health Ambulatory Care, Alberta Health Services
  • Bryan Peffers, MSW, RSW, Manager, Women’s Health, Alberta Health Services

Description : Learn about the current community of practice services and resources which support families after pregnancy or infant loss and create your own model for community practice. Hide

5. The ART of Hope – A Healing Approach to Poverty Eradication See more.

Speaker :

  • Derek Cook, MSc, RSW, Executive Director, Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative

Description : An overview of the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative and its healing approach to poverty reduction based on the principles of Abundance, Resilience and Trust will be shared. Come understand the collective impact approach to community capacity building. Hide

6. Innovative Programs Responding To Community Needs See more.

Speakers :

  • Cindy Jing Fang, MSW, RSW, Research Assistant, Wood’s Homes
  • Amanda Starchuk, BSc, Acting Supervisor, Wood’s Homes
  • Bjorn Johansson, MSW, RSW, Director, Wood’s Homes
  • Bruce MacLaurin, MSW, RSW, Senior Researcher, Wood’s Homes and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Description : With 100 years of history serving children and families, Wood’s Homes has developed several programs responding to community needs. Outcome measurement and program evaluation resources will be shared. Hide

7. Adventures In Social-Emotional Learning And Therapy See more.

Speaker :

  • Sheldon Franken, MA, School Counsellor, Delta School District and Director of Inquiry Adventures

Description : This workshop will explore various adventure-based activities to engage clients in a wide variety of therapeutic and social-emotional learning outcomes in any setting. Hide

8. Share The Dream – Build The Team See more.

Speakers :

  • Terry Garchinski, MSW, RSW, Therapeutic Counselling and Workshop Facilitator, Life Works Counselling and Training Services Inc.
  • Laverne Bissky, BComm, Executive Director, No Ordinary Journey Foundation

Description : Effective teams require the full engagement of all members. This workshop will teach key skills for engaging (or re-engaging) team members and building (or rebuilding) extraordinary teams. Hide

9. Area Coordinators – Enlivening the Social Work Community In Alberta See more.

Speakers :

  • Heather Johnson, SW Dip, RSW, Membership Activities Coordinator (South), ACSW
  • Charity Lui, BSW, RSW, Membership Activities Coordinator (North), ACSW

Description : Learn about the role of ACSW area coordinators and how the social work profession may be enlivened in your community. Hide

10. Exploring Macro Practice Competencies For Community Practice See more.

Speaker :

  • Crystal Kwan, MSW, Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Hanna Zavrazhyn, PhD (Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Sophie Jassat,
  • Alicia Kalmanovitc, Family and Community Worker, Canmore Family and Community Support Services

Description : This workshop explores the utility of Macro Practice Competencies outlined by the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration to practitioners specifically working with communities. How can the 10 competencies enhance your practice? Hide

11. Social Enterprise – How Might It Impact Practice / Community? See more.

Speakers :

  • Catherine Pearl, PhD, ACSW member, Instructor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Description : This workshop will present the results from a doctoral research study that explored the extent, type and impact of social enterprise in Alberta based social service agencies. With both federal and provincial governments encouraging this what do social workers need to know? Hide

12. Leadership Strategies and Learning Purpose in Developing Community See more.

Speakers :

  • Ellen Perrault, PhD, RSW, e-Learning Director, Online BSW (VLC) Program Coordinator, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Description : Successful community development leadership strategies, such as infusing a learning purpose with teams, organizations, and communities, will be discussed. Hide

13. Shifting Services To Cultivate Community See more.

Speakers :

  • Susan Ramsundarsingh, MBA, MSW, RSW, Project Manager, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Corinne Zimmerman, MA, Consultant, United Way of Calgary
  • Sherry Hiebert-Keck, MSW, RSW, Managing Director, Community Services, Catholic Family Service

Description : Learn from a long standing collaborative, how to build community into your social work practice whether you are working with individuals, groups, families or communities. Hide

14. How Identity Development Fosters Hope And Resilience For Children Living In An Orphanage In India See more.

Speaker :

  • Donna Smith, SW Dip, RSW
  • Meaghen Johnston, PhD, RSW
  • Yasmin Dean, PhD, RSW

Description : Workshop participants will view a 10-minute documentary and discuss research discoveries at an orphanage in India. Linkages with children in care in Canada will be made. Hide

15. Examining Outcomes Of Single Session Walk-in Therapy See more.

Speakers :

  • Janet Stewart, MEd, R.Psych, Manager, Wood’s Homes
  • Bruce MacLaurin, MSW, RSW, Senior Researcher, Wood’s Homes and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Bjorn Johansson, MSW, RSW, Director, Wood’s Homes
  • Cindy Jing Fang, MSW, RSW, Research Assistant, Wood’s Homes

Description : With 25 years of experience in single session therapy, the Eastside Family Centre of Wood’s Homes is presenting the outcomes of community-based walk-in single session therapy. Learn skills and knowledge of this model. Hide

16. A Discussion Of Spatial Concentration Of Poverty In Edmonton See more.

Speakers :

  • Kylee Nixon, BA, Psychiatric Aide, Alberta Hospital Edmonton, Alberta Health Services
  • Meredith Porter, BSc, RN, Alberta Health Services

Description : This workshop is designed to share information around the causes and effects of the concentrated poverty in Edmonton (and other Canadian cities), illustrated with specific examples from inner-city Edmonton. Learn alternative models to address challenges from a social justice perspective. Hide

17. Creating Welcoming And Inclusive Community, With Citizen Engagement See more.

Speakers :

  • Jerry Firth, BSW, RSW, Project Coordinator, City of Lethbridge
  • Roy Pogorzelski, MSc, Inclusion Consultant, City of Lethbridge

Description : This workshop will describe how one community has been working to foster a greater sense of community, belonging and inclusion for all citizens. Hide