Alberta College of Social Workers

Saturday Afternoon Sessions

58. That’s Sick! When Social Work and Psychiatry Collide See more.

Speakers :

  • Lana Bentley, MSW, RSW, Clinical Supervisor
  • Monique Jericho, MD FRCPC, Medical Director, Calgary Eating Disorder Program

Description : The presenters will explore the complimentary relationship between social work and psychiatry, as well as the advantages of these disciplines working collaboratively. Hide

59. Praxis Of Decolonization In Social Work See more.

Speakers :

  • Betty Bastien, PhD, RSW, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Gloria Chief Moon, MSW, RSW, Coordinator Social Work Diploma Program, Red Crow Community College
  • Kahtsipiiakii Terry Many Horses, BSW, RSW, Blackfoot Instructor, Red Crow Community College

Description : The workshop will focus on transformative educational praxis centered on language, teaching, and ceremony. Hide

60. New Standards of Practice: What you need to know See more.

Speaker : Sheryl Pearson, MSW, RSW, LLB, Manager, Regulatory Practice, ACSW
Description : Social workers in Alberta have new Standards of Practice. What are Standards of Practice? Why are they important to you? Attending this workshop will give you a jump start to what’s new. Hide

61. Children And Residential Experiences: Creating Conditions For Change See more.

Speakers :

  • Anton Smith, MSW, RSW, Executive Director, Oakhill Foundation
  • Stacey Charchuk, BA, Cert CYCW, Assistant Executive Director, Oakhill Foundation

Description : This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about a model of residential care, “Children and Residential Care, Creating Conditions for Change” (CARE). Come learn about the implementation process and results of the model. Hide

62. An Outsider’s Journey On Aboriginal Issues – What We Learn And What We Think Of Them See more.

Speakers :

  • Baiju Vareed, PhD, RSW, Instructor, Faculty of Social Work, Red Deer College
  • Second year Social Work students : Derek Lewis, Kerry Lowe, Nicole Pyke, Kristal Harvey, Kristen Mackenzie, Anna Illiscupidez, Cara Horsley, Shyla Johnson and Megan Falkiner.

Description : This workshop presents digital stories on six different issues of Aboriginal communities in Canada by social work students and reflects on the plethora of learning. Hide

63. Social Justice Work in Community Practice See more.

Speakers :

  • Hieu Van Ngo, PhD, RSW, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Liza Lorenzetti, MSW, RSW, Developmental Evaluator/ Strategist, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Bernadette Iahtail, RSW, Executive Director of Programs, Creating Hope Society

Description : This workshop showcases the initiatives that address social justice issues facing Aboriginal people, women and immigrants. It also offers a framework for social justice work in community practice. Hide

64. Social Work Guidelines For Decision-Making Capacity Process See more.

Speaker : Heather Jones, BSW, RSW, Social Work Professional Practice Lead, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Zone, Home Living
Description : How do you support the client’s voice when their decision-making is impaired? Guidelines presented will inform clinicians when addressing complex decision-making capacity situations. Hide

65. Striving Towards A Congruent Community – Shunda Creek See more.

Speakers :

  • Jeff Wilson, BSc, Cert. Child and Youth Care Worker, Program Supervisor, Shunda Creek, Enviros
  • Serena Rose, MA, Program Therapist

Description : A presentation of the cultural foundations at Shunda Creek. An opportunity for participants to explore and contribute to research supported alternative practice. Wilderness experiences are the primary tool of this approach. Hide

66. Using Social Media As A Tool For Community Development: Reframing The Issue Of Sexual Exploitation See more.

Speaker :
Alec Stratford, MSW, RSW, Community Capacity Builder, City of Edmonton
Description : The presenters will explore emerging theories in social networked community building by analyzing three Edmonton based social media campaigns that have helped to reshape and reframe the issue of sexual exploitation. Hide

67. What Is Neighbourhood Based Community Development Anyways? See more.

Speakers :

  • Lemlem Haile, BSW, RSW, Community Social Worker, City of Calgary
  • Silvia Ross, BSW, RSW, Community Social Worker, City of Calgary
  • Carmen Marquez, MSW, RSW, Community Social Worker, City of Calgary

Description : Share in the latest research and practice-based tools that focus on supporting residents to organize and take action! Hide

68. Creating Online Learning Communities See more.

Speakers :

  • Ellen Perrault, PhD, RSW, e-Learning Director, Senior Instructor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Description : Online social work instructors are now in high demand in Alberta. We will discuss Open Online Courses, along with techniques for creating and engaging online communities. Hide