Alberta College of Social Workers

Saturday All Day Sessions

38. Awaken Virtues Within: Cultivate Communities Of Character See more.

Speakers :

  • Christine Ayling, BSW, RSW, Medical Social Worker, Alberta Health Services
  • Florence Vanstone, BSW, RSW, Medical Social Worker, Alberta Health Services

Description : The Virtues Project provides a transformative language that is at the heart and soul of cultivating vibrant, healthy, thriving communities of character. Practical tools to grow your spirit will be shared. Hide

39. Loss and Grief: Creating Healing Connections See more.

Speakers :

  • Bev Berg, MSW, RSW, CT, Manager, Grief Support Program & Advance Care Planning/Goals of Care, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone
  • Kim Pangracs, MSW, RSW, Grief Counselor, Grief Support Program, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone
  • Brian Pickering, MA, Grief and Trauma Coordinator & Educator, Grief Support Program, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Zone

Description : Participants will be gain a greater appreciation of contemporary grief theories and interventions they can apply to create communities of support amongst loss experiences. Hide

40. Home Yoga Practice: Real Life ‘Inner’ Community Building See more.

Speaker :

  • Barbara Breau, BSW, RSW, Yoga Association of Alberta Certified Teacher, Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition, Teacher Training Program, Yoga Instructor

Description : Cultivate a peaceful community within. Link together body, breath and mind. Relaxation, and gentle movement will be mixed with introductory yoga theory. No prior experience necessary. Hide

41. Exploring Dignity Therapy See more.

Speakers :

  • Kristy Brosz, MSW, RSW, Social Worker III/Counsellor, Cardiac Function Clinic, Foothills Medical Center, Alberta Health Services
  • Judy Butler, BSW, RSW, Social Worker, Foothills Country Hospice

Description : Exploration of this brief intervention for patients at the end of life. Includes: Introductions & evidence base; viewing taped interview; practice role plays; and in-depth discussions. Hide

42. Workplace Bullying Trauma And Recovery See more.

Speakers :

  • Linda R. Crockett, MSW, RSW, Executive Director, Alberta Bullying Research, Resources and Recovery Centre Inc.
  • Sherri Tanchak, MSW, RSW, Instructor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Description : Workplace bullying trauma impacts targets, bystanders and the employment environment. We will explore workplace bullying trauma. What does it looks like? How is it expressed in human service organizations? What are the paths to healing and recovery? Hide

43. Theatre Arts For Community Building, Advocacy And Action See more.

Speakers :

  • Rachael Crowder, PhD, RSW, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary
  • Lisa Doolittle, MA, Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts (Theatre & Dramatic Arts), University of Lethbridge
  • Callista Chasse, BSW, RSW, Research Assistant, Art for Social Change Research Project

Description : This workshop provides an experiential opportunity to learn the history, theories, ethics, processes, skills and techniques involved in interactive theatre techniques for community development, advocacy and action. Hide

44. Building A Collaborative Healing Community For Holistic Mental Health Recovery See more.

Speakers :

  • Anna Gartshore, MSW, RSW, Registered Clinical Social Worker, Gaia Collaborative Medicine
  • Andrew Dulcamara, BA, RAc, Acupuncturist, Taoist Arts Instructor (Meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi & Taoist Philosophy), Consensio Clinic & Gaia Collaborative Medicine

Description : Moving from theory, ethical considerations and experiential opportunities this dynamic workshop will provide social workers with practical strategies for building interdisciplinary healing communities for holistic mental health recovery. Hide

45. Art Therapy For Older Adults – Individual And Group Therapy See more.

Speakers :

  • Marilyn Magnuson, MSW, RSW, RCAT, Counsellor, Calgary Family Services
  • Mary Arbique Vogel, MSW, RSW, Counselling Program Supervisor – Older Adult Team (OAT), Calgary Family Services

Description : Art therapy offers older adults a window into inner and outer worlds, improves health and social stimulation, provides community, and consolidates life experiences. Come learn the fundamentals of the art therapy process. Hide

46. Restorative Communities Are Created By Addressing Residential School Impacts See more.

Speaker :

  • Sharon Steinhauer, MSW, RSW, Coordinator, Social Work Programs, Blue Quills First Nations College

Description : A circle is a restorative practice. The most critical function of restorative practices is restoring and building relationships. Participants will experience elements and processes common to all circles – foundational for beginners and reflective for experienced practitioners. Voices of survivors of residential schools will be heard within the circle process. Hide