Alberta College of Social Workers

Discipline Decisions

Each time a complaint is referred to a Hearings Tribunal, a decision is made with regard to publication. According to ACSW bylaws, if a member’s registration is suspended or cancelled for disciplinary reasons the decision is published with the social worker’s name. In all other cases, the hearing tribunal decides whether the decision will be published, and if so whether it will include names. The publication of decisions is intended in part to help social workers understand the discipline process and reasons for decisions. Please note that all decisions by a Hearing Tribunal are considered public documents and may be requested by name.

All reference to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics found within discipline decisions refer to the Standards and Code that were in effect at the time the unprofessional conduct occurred. Copies of the relevant documents may be obtained from the ACSW. The complaint number for each file indicates the year in which the complaint was received.

These Discipline decisions are published pursuant to the Orders of the Hearing Tribunal authorized under the Health Professions Act Section 82 (1)

The Alberta College of Social Workers, by publishing these decisions, intends to:

  • Explain to Social Workers and Members of the public what does or does not constitute unprofessional conduct.
  • Provide an explanation of the Discipline process and necessary sanctions to the public as well as Social Workers who may be going through the discipline process, or are seeking a better understanding of professional conduct, discipline and the role of the College.
  • Implement the decisions of Hearing Tribunals and the Discipline Committee.