Alberta College of Social Workers

                                                      Application instructions for Social Workers Reinstating with ACSW 

Application for Social Workers reinstating with ACSW should be completed by all applicants who were previously registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers except those who have been practicing and registered/licensed in another jurisdiction since you were last registered in Alberta. If your registration was provisional when cancelled, you are required to provide all the outstanding provisional items.   

The requirements for reinstatement are dependent upon circumstances of the cancelation of your registration and the period of time in which you have not been regulated. Upon receipt of the completed application form and appropriate fee a file will be opened. All other documentation must be received and all requirements met before registration will be complete. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all supporting documentation is received by the Registrar. Once all documentation other than the supervisor reference form and the exam score (if required) has been received a provisional practice permit may be issued. 

If the application for reinstatement is received during the first year of cancelation, you must provide the following documentation: 

1. Application for Social Workers reinstating with ACSW. Provide complete answers to each question in this application registration.   

2. Education qualifications. Check with the ACSW office to see what transcripts, if any, are currently on file. If you have completed additional social work education since last registered with ACSW please provide transcripts or a copy of your diploma/degree so that our files are up to date. 

3. Continuing Competency Requirements. Complete a Self-Assessment and Learning Plan for the coming year using one of the formats available at Note: If you were cancelled due to non-compliance with competency requirements, the outstanding requirements must also be submitted. 

4. References. Two Character Reference Forms are required. One must be complete by a Registered Social Worker; the second can be provided by an individual of your choice. Neither reference should come from a family member or partner.)   

5. Professional Liability Insurance. All social workers are who are working within the scope of social work practice are required to show evidence of having professional liability insurance (this is insurance for coverage in the event of a complaint against your practice as a social worker).  This may be coverage through your employer, or you may have a personal policy through the ACSW group plan or another company.  A copy of the cover sheet showing who is covered for what is sufficient. If you are not currently in practice, you must forward this documentation when you begin working. Note:  Provisional registration can be granted without this item.

6. Payment Form and Payment. Full payment of the appropriate application fee is required before your application is considered. To qualify for the reduced reinstatement fee, a request to have registration cancelled must have been received and acknowledged by the ACSW office prior to receiving a cancellation notice from the office. Call to confirm whether your file indicates “cancelled at member request”.  

7. Provisional Requirements. If you were provisional when your registration was cancelled, you will be required to lift the provisions on your registration. (Registration with provisional status may be granted if supervised practice hours were outstanding.) 

8. Background information. Provide a detailed copy of your résumé describing your social work practice history

9. Current Criminal Record Check. The Criminal Record Check should be issued no more than six months from the date of receipt by ACSW. Contact your local law enforcement agency for information on how to obtain this document.  See the Application Instructions for additional information.   

If the application for registration is received after three years from the date of cancelation, your registration will be reinstated with provisional status with the above noted documentation (1-9). Exception: Only 1 character reference is required.) To complete the registration and lift the provisions, the following items are required. 

10. Supervised Practice Hours. The applicant is required to complete 1500 supervised practice hours under the supervision of a qualified RSW.  A Qualified Social Worker is registered, licensed, or certified in the jurisdiction in which she/he practices (must not have provisional status).  The applicant must be a regulated professional (RSW) before any hours are credited. Upon completion of the practice hours, you can forward a Supervisor Reference Request thru your member portal, which can be found under the Additional tab. Please note you must be registered before you can see this option. Please note that only one Character Reference Form is needed when a Supervisor Reference is required. The Character Reference form and Supervisor Reference must be from two different individuals. 

11. Examination Requirements. As you are an experienced social worker who has not been regulated in the past three years, you must register for and pass an examination appropriate to your highest level of social work education. Upon receipt of your application for registration and confirmation that you will take the exam, we will forward your name to ASWB to allow you to register for the exam.  You may then contact them any time over the next year to begin the process. All the details are in the ASWB handbook for exam candidates. You can schedule an examination time in either Edmonton or Calgary. Please note that if you do not pass the exam within this period, you will have to be re-approved to take the exam at a later date.

12. Additional requirements.  Applicants for reinstatement will have different requirements based on the reasons for prior cancellation and the time since last registered.  (Most common is the submission of an outstanding portfolio.)  Some of these will need to be met before the application is approved.  Others may be met as a provisional registered social worker.  Additional details are on the Appendix C form.  Please note, a request to have registration cancelled must have been received and acknowledged by the ACSW office prior to receiving a cancellation notice from the office.  Call to confirm whether your file indicates “cancelled at member request”.    

Restricted Activities: Social workers with a BSW or higher degree and who have appropriate education/ training may be authorized to perform psychosocial interventions without supervision. Information on psychosocial interventions is available on the ACSW website for FAQ's for Restricted Activities, as is the application form for Authorization for Restricted Activities

Additional Requirement:
 If you have practiced social work in another jurisdiction (in Canada or the USA), you must forward them a Verification of Registration/Licensure to each jurisdiction, even if you were not registered when you were practicing. Complete the top portion of this form and forward the form to the regulatory body. Note: Some regulatory bodies may require a fee for verification. The applicant is responsible for any additional fees. Please check with the jurisdiction(s) you are coming from and include any additional fees required when you send them this form.