Alberta College of Social Workers


  • Ghana: Kids that have been forced into Child Labor
    • Kids that were forced into child labor have often missed 6 years of school! Help tutor the kids as they play "catch-up"; engage them in sports; teach health education; bolster their community garden. The director works with families on re-unification.
    • Experience in fund-raising, grant-writing & development needed.
    • GGreat place to get on-the-ground, international experience in Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • Kenya: AIDS Orphans & Kids Abandoned by Alcoholic Parents
    • A Kenyan social worker has risen to the challenge in her home village:
    • help kids abandoned by poverty, alcohol or AIDS.
    • assist the social worker as she works with families or community, or work directly with the kids.
    • experience with alcohol treatment helpful.
    • experience in fund-raising, grant-writing & development needed.

These are volunteer positions. (But we also help people into international careers.) Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.

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