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Donors balk at allowing global south countries to lead on development

This article discusses donor countries and their reluctance to allow recipient countries to take control of donated resources.

Is the faultline among NGOs over the future of development deepening?

A study of NGOs is sparking debate about whether development is too skewed towards aid rather than the causes of poverty Read complete article here

CASW Endorses Global Agenda of Social Work and Social Development

OTTAWA (July, 6, 2012) - As the global social work and social development communities gather in Stockholm, Sweden for the 2012 Joint World Conference, the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) is pleased to announce its adoption of the Global Agenda of Social Work and Social Development: Commitment to Action.

“Over three thousand social work practitioners, educators, and development workers met in Hong Kong in June 2010 to launch a global movement that addresses the major challenges of our societies” notes CASW President, Morel Caissie. “Over the following two years social workers from around the world participated in developing the Global Agenda that CASW now proudly has the honour to endorse.”

The Global Agenda document commits its signatories to addressing the root causes of oppression and inequality, ensuring that people have power over their lives and dedicating themselves to a more just and fair world.

“The global social work community is steadfast in its resolve to lessen the growing inequalities worldwide and the Global Agenda is a positive step in bringing together all of our individual voices into collective action.”


The Global Agenda was prepared by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) of which CASW is an organizational member, by the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) and by the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW), organizations whose purposes CASW supports.

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Fred Phelps, MSW, RSW

International Social Work Committee

We are pleased to announce the new Chair for the International Social Work Committee. Rosemary Ignacio has assumed the duties of this position effective September 2011. Committee members are Erin Wanini, Richard Gregory, NaghmaNajmi and Marcia Tait. We continue to meet by teleconference each month. Please contact Rosemary at if you are able to join us. We are committed to promoting awareness of social work activities around the world.

Famine continues to plague the country of Somalia. While the media has moved their attention away from this country, we encourage our colleagues to support efforts to provide much needed aid to Somalians. Read more about the Horn of Africa drought at Donations can also be made online from the webpage.

“Where you live should not determine whether you live” Bono.

We also want to acknowledge the accomplishment of Liberian social worker Leymah Gbowee who jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize 2011. Leymah led a group of women to take a stand against warlords, and push for peace in war-torn Liberia. Read more of her amazing work at Nobel Peace Prize: profile of Leymah GboweeCongratulations Leymah for highlighting the efforts of social workers around the world, and promoting pride in our profession.

Leymah Gbowee website