Alberta College of Social Workers

Private Practice

The Private Practice Committee is an Interest Group of ACSW concerned with matters relating to the private practice of social work and to social work private practitioners and their clientele. Its primary mandate is to promote and maintain Best Practices for Social Workers in Private Practice.

Private Practitioners are advanced level Social Workers registered to practice in the Province of Alberta under the Alberta College of Social Workers. They provide services directly to clients and, either wholly or in part, practice their profession independently of any governmental or voluntary agency. They take sole responsibility for their practice and establish their own conditions of payment with their clients. Their professional identity in their private practice is social work.

The Alberta College of Social Workers is obligated by the Health Professions Act to serve and protect the public interest. To this end, it is reasonable that the public should expect that RSWs in Private Practice have sufficient experience and competence that enables them to practice without supervision.

For further information, to find out when this Committee meets next or to RSVP for the next meeting contact Charity Lui, Membership Activities Coordinator (North) at .

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