Alberta College of Social Workers

Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Private Practice Committee

  • To promote ‘Best Practices’ for Registered Social Workers in the private practice of social work:
    • To promote accountability to the public and the profession in terms of operation versus aspiration.
    • To promote the private practice of social work.
    • To develop, recommend, advise and consult on policies concerning private practice to professional groups such as the Council of ACSW, CASW or any other related social work organization.
    • To advocate on behalf of social workers in private practice when appropriate.
  • To establish and maintain a Private Practice Roster for those Registered Social Workers committed to "Best Practices" in the field of private practice:
    • To require that those applying to membership on the ACSW Private Practice Roster have sufficient experience and competence to practice independently.
    • To receive applications to the Private Practice Roster and decide on acceptance, rejection or deferment.
    • To review the Roster Annual Up-date forms to ensure compliance with requirements for maintenance of membership.
  • To provide a medium of exchange and consultation for social workers in private practice and to inform social workers about issues, developments, concerns, etc. related to private practice:
    • To maintain a private practice area on the ACSW website.
    • To maintain a private practice page in the Advocate - the ACSW quarterly newsletter.
    • To be a resource of information to private practitioners regarding the professional and operational aspects of their private practice.


  • Recruitment, Selection and Approval Process:
    • Members of the Private Practice Committee are registered social workers actively working in the field and are eligible to be on the Private Practice Roster. Exceptions may be made when considering the needs and role of the Committee.
    • The Committee recommends members for appointment who reflect the demographics of all private practitioners within Alberta.
    • An ACSW staff member is designated as a non-voting ex-officio member of the committee.
  • Committee Membership:
    • The minimum number of committee members is five (5) including the Chairperson.
    • Committee members serve for two-year terms, renewable for a maximum of 3 terms.
  • Officers:
    • The Private Practice Committee nominates a Chairperson, who is ratified by Council.
    • The Chairperson’s term of office is two years, renewable for a maximum of 3 terms. The appointment shall be confirmed biannually by majority vote at the Private Practice Roster Annual Meeting.

Committee Meetings/Procedures

  • The Committee will meet a minimum of four times a year to carry out its functions.
  • Quorum is 50% of Committee membership. In the absence of a quorum, the Chairperson may act for the Committee in consultation with at least two members.
  • A Committee member will be appointed at each meeting to record and circulate the minutes. Approved minutes will be circulated to Council as information.
  • Accountability: All recommendations regarding policy and guidelines will be taken to the ACSW council for review and approval.