Alberta College of Social Workers

2014 Annual Conference Workshop Details

1. Exploring the Person in Environment Through Expressive Arts

2. From Promising Aptitude to Outstanding Leadership Ability
3. International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and Social Work
4. Unravelling Workplace Bullying in the Social Work Environment
5. Emotional Processing Strategies for Early Learning Children
6. Contextual Indigenous Knowledge for Story Telling
7. Lessons Learned From Beraved Grandparents : Coping and Meaning Making
8. Developing Poverty Reduction Strategies in Alberta
9. Soulful Environment of Inspiration : Your Intuitive-Subconscious Mind
10. The Impact of Caring : Reflection and Strategies
11. Restorative Justice : Theory and Experience
12. Senior-Centered Care in Alberta : Rhetoric or Reality
13. Beginning, Middle and End Stories in Motion
14. Developing Your Learning Plan : ACSW Continued Competence Annual Submission Requirements
15. Start Talking, Take Action... Re-Ignite Advocacy in Group Care
16. Getting to A-ha : A Practicuum Integration Model
17. Making Working in Multi-Disciplinary Team Work
18. Poverty Simulation
19. Envisioning the Future of Long Term Care: Through Participatory Video
20. We All Can Use More Fun At Work
21. Preservation of Their Environment : Children in Alternative Care
22. The New ACSW Standards of Practice : What You Need to Know
23. Believe it! The Power of Positive Belief
24. Women Leaning into Leadership
25. Permanency for Aboriginal Youth in Foster Care
26. YES! Yoga is 'NOW'
27. The Healing Anger for Aboriginal Women Program
28. Understanding Trauma Practice with Women who use Substances
29. Power in the Third Space : Relational View
30. Social Workers in Private Practice and Employee Assistance Programs : Making Private Practice Pay
31. Dancing Through Transitions : Ours, Clients, Organizations and Environments
32. Social Work : Beyond Borders
33. Neighbours, Friends & Families : Developing Supportive Communities for Abused Older Adults
34. Developing Your Learning Plan : ACSW Continued Competence Annual Submission Requirements
35. In the Field: Student Perspectives on Field Placement
36. Building Communities and Institutions Through Participatory Learning and Action
37. Informed Healing: Recovery from the Complex Trauma of Sexual Exploitation
38. No Kidding: Seniors and Sexuality
39. Introduction to Energy Psychology
40. Infusing Gerontological Content in to Social Work Curriculum
41. Animals and Nature: An Ideal Therapeutic Millieu
42. Collaboration: Charting Unfamiliar Territory
43. Is This Social Action? Creating Social Change Through Our Everyday Work
44. Grief and Loss: The Personal and the Professional
45. Personality Dimensions at Work: Understanding Yourself and Others
46. Ethics in Practice: Necessary and Needed
47. Child Intervention Practice Framework
48. The Case for Aboriginal Technology
49. Advanced Energy Psychology Techniques for Healing Trauma
50. From Words to Action: Alberta Can Afford a Real Poverty Reduction Strategy