Alberta College of Social Workers

2012 Social Work Week

ACSW - National Social Work Week 2012

Theme: Social Work: Celebrating the Person and the Professional
March 4 - 10, 2012
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Letter to Social Workers

This week, you will receive a number of accolades and messages of thanks from co-workers, friends and managers alike. Each one will be telling you, in their own way, how much what you do matters; to individuals and to whole communities. But there is one thing no one may think to mention.

Having spoken to literally dozens of our social workers, I am always inspired by your compassion, your knowledge, your skill and your infinite energy to do what’s right for our clients. But these are all “whats” – and the thing that never ceases to leave me awestruck is the “how” you go about your work. For example, I know that this week, as you receive many well-deserved pats on the back, many of you will respond in the most humble manner possible. I know this because it’s the same way you give credit to your clients for turning their lives around even though it was you who spent countless hours finding the right programs and resources for that client. It’s you who was there, late at night, on weekends and holidays making sure that each child on your caseload had their paperwork completed so they could go on holiday with their foster families. There are innumerable examples of this exceptional dedication.

The Edmonton and Area CFSA is very lucky to have so many talented social workers who pour their skills into their clients and then, in the next breath, give all the credit for success to those clients! The truth is without you, your skills, knowledge and your humble nature - we simply would not succeed in our work.

During this, the 2012 National Social Workers Week, and on behalf of our CFSA Board, please accept our heartfelt thanks for all you do. As a token of our appreciation, all of our social workers (anyone working in the Human Services Worker classification) will receive a copy of “The Social Worker – A Novel” by Michael Ungar.

Although you might not receive a thank you note each week of the year, you can be assured that my admiration, appreciation and gratitude for you remains strong all year long.

Carole Anne Patenaude

CEO, CS-CFSA Region 6

To: All Human Services Staff

National Social Work Week is March 4-10, and is a time to recognize a profession that is instrumental in improving the lives of Albertans.

The work and influence of people who have chosen social work as a profession often goes unnoticed when it is done well because the public only sees the result of their efforts. With the help and guidance of these caring individuals, families are now able to support and nurture their children in safe environments, women have started new lives after being victims of family violence, or people heading down the wrong path have turned their lives around.

I want to thank the social workers in our ministry who work with their teams to protect and support vulnerable Albertans. I know the work is challenging, but through my job as Minister I get to hear and see the enormous difference they make every day in the lives of individuals, children and families.

Albertans need and deserve the supports provided by this wide range of public servants who are a key part of Human Services. I am proud of their work and the invaluable contribution they make to society. Please join me in recognizing this dedicated field of professionals who go above and beyond in serving their fellow Albertans.

Yours truly,

Dave Hancock, QC


The week of March 4 – 10 is Social Work Week. Edmonton Catholic Schools would like to recognize and thank a group of twenty-two social workers who work tirelessly with other District staff members to serve the needs of our students and their families. The success of many of our students depends on the expertise of these individuals who play such an important position, often bridging the roles between the educational and medical fields. We thank our dedicated social workers not only for their support and assistance, but also for their leadership and insights that allow our students to experience even greater successes. We are blessed to have these social workers as part of the Edmonton Catholic School District team!

For Immediate Release

Ottawa, March 1, 2012
Social Workers: Building Relationships, Strengthening Communities and Partnering for Change

The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) and the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) are proud to jointly proclaim March 2012 as National Social Work Month with the theme, “Social Workers: Building Relationships, Strengthening Communities and Partnering for Change.”

The foundation of the social work profession, as enshrined in our national Code of Ethics , is a dedication to the welfare and self-realization of all people” stated CASW President Morel Caissie. “Of particular interest to social workers is developing empowering relationships that can make the difference between a person who simply works out a solution to a problem and a person whose life is empowered by the process.” The social work profession is dedicated not only to building positive and empowering individual relationships; social workers are also committed to strengthening our communities and acting as catalysts for change.

“As professionals in a country that upholds democratic rights and freedoms, social workers respect the distinct systems of beliefs and lifestyles of individuals, families, and communities” stated CASWE President Benoît van Caloen. “As a result, social workers strive to use the power and authority entrusted in them to build understanding and support change that promotes social justice.”

In celebrating the collective accomplishments of the social work profession, social workers recognize and demand leadership roles, for all levels of government, in support for the advancement of a more equitable and inclusive Canada.

“Canada has the knowledge, expertise and economic capacity to move beyond poverty to realizing the full potential of all its citizens” states Caissie. “It is time we moved beyond hope to concrete actions and commitment to a national poverty reduction plan.”


  • Fred Phelps, MSW, RSW
  • Alexandra Wright, PhD
  • Executive Director, CASW
  • Executive Director, CASWE
  • phone:613-422-5184
  • 613-792-1953


- International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)

World Social Work Day - Tuesday 20 March 2012
UN Social Work Day - Monday 26 March 2012

World Social Work Day celebrated on the 20 March 2012 is the annual opportunity for all social work organisations to promote the significant role of social workers and the profession. Social work will also be celebrated on United Nations Social Work Day 6 days later on 26 March 2012. On that day, IFSW and our partners will present the objectives of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development to the United Nations.

IFSW invites national organisations, members and partners to celebrate World Social Work Day on the 20th of March under the banner of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. IFSW will release the Global Agenda Document officially on World Social Work Day 2012.

The Global Agenda process became real in 2010 when 3000 social workers and social development professionals gathered in Hong Kong to create a united platform to strengthen: the ‘dignity and worth of the person’, to reduce ‘social and economic inequalities’ and to emphasize the importance of ‘human relationships’ in a ‘sustainable environment’.