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For Immediate Release

Ottawa, March 1, 2012
Social Workers: Building Relationships, Strengthening Communities and Partnering for Change

The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) and the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) are proud to jointly proclaim March 2012 as National Social Work Month with the theme, “Social Workers: Building Relationships, Strengthening Communities and Partnering for Change.”

The foundation of the social work profession, as enshrined in our national Code of Ethics , is a dedication to the welfare and self-realization of all people” stated CASW President Morel Caissie. “Of particular interest to social workers is developing empowering relationships that can make the difference between a person who simply works out a solution to a problem and a person whose life is empowered by the process.” The social work profession is dedicated not only to building positive and empowering individual relationships; social workers are also committed to strengthening our communities and acting as catalysts for change.

“As professionals in a country that upholds democratic rights and freedoms, social workers respect the distinct systems of beliefs and lifestyles of individuals, families, and communities” stated CASWE President Benoît van Caloen. “As a result, social workers strive to use the power and authority entrusted in them to build understanding and support change that promotes social justice.”

In celebrating the collective accomplishments of the social work profession, social workers recognize and demand leadership roles, for all levels of government, in support for the advancement of a more equitable and inclusive Canada.

“Canada has the knowledge, expertise and economic capacity to move beyond poverty to realizing the full potential of all its citizens” states Caissie. “It is time we moved beyond hope to concrete actions and commitment to a national poverty reduction plan.”


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