Alberta College of Social Workers

Letter to Social Workers

This week, you will receive a number of accolades and messages of thanks from co-workers, friends and managers alike. Each one will be telling you, in their own way, how much what you do matters; to individuals and to whole communities. But there is one thing no one may think to mention.

Having spoken to literally dozens of our social workers, I am always inspired by your compassion, your knowledge, your skill and your infinite energy to do what’s right for our clients. But these are all “whats” – and the thing that never ceases to leave me awestruck is the “how” you go about your work. For example, I know that this week, as you receive many well-deserved pats on the back, many of you will respond in the most humble manner possible. I know this because it’s the same way you give credit to your clients for turning their lives around even though it was you who spent countless hours finding the right programs and resources for that client. It’s you who was there, late at night, on weekends and holidays making sure that each child on your caseload had their paperwork completed so they could go on holiday with their foster families. There are innumerable examples of this exceptional dedication.

The Edmonton and Area CFSA is very lucky to have so many talented social workers who pour their skills into their clients and then, in the next breath, give all the credit for success to those clients! The truth is without you, your skills, knowledge and your humble nature - we simply would not succeed in our work.

During this, the 2012 National Social Workers Week, and on behalf of our CFSA Board, please accept our heartfelt thanks for all you do. As a token of our appreciation, all of our social workers (anyone working in the Human Services Worker classification) will receive a copy of “The Social Worker – A Novel” by Michael Ungar.

Although you might not receive a thank you note each week of the year, you can be assured that my admiration, appreciation and gratitude for you remains strong all year long.

Carole Anne Patenaude

CEO, CS-CFSA Region 6