Alberta College of Social Workers

To: All Human Services Staff

National Social Work Week is March 4-10, and is a time to recognize a profession that is instrumental in improving the lives of Albertans.

The work and influence of people who have chosen social work as a profession often goes unnoticed when it is done well because the public only sees the result of their efforts. With the help and guidance of these caring individuals, families are now able to support and nurture their children in safe environments, women have started new lives after being victims of family violence, or people heading down the wrong path have turned their lives around.

I want to thank the social workers in our ministry who work with their teams to protect and support vulnerable Albertans. I know the work is challenging, but through my job as Minister I get to hear and see the enormous difference they make every day in the lives of individuals, children and families.

Albertans need and deserve the supports provided by this wide range of public servants who are a key part of Human Services. I am proud of their work and the invaluable contribution they make to society. Please join me in recognizing this dedicated field of professionals who go above and beyond in serving their fellow Albertans.

Yours truly,

Dave Hancock, QC


The week of March 4 – 10 is Social Work Week. Edmonton Catholic Schools would like to recognize and thank a group of twenty-two social workers who work tirelessly with other District staff members to serve the needs of our students and their families. The success of many of our students depends on the expertise of these individuals who play such an important position, often bridging the roles between the educational and medical fields. We thank our dedicated social workers not only for their support and assistance, but also for their leadership and insights that allow our students to experience even greater successes. We are blessed to have these social workers as part of the Edmonton Catholic School District team!