Alberta College of Social Workers

Jasper Social Work Week photos

In Jasper, Area Coordinators Tiffany Toussaint and Laurie-Ann Reddick gave out cookies to Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff to celebrate Social Work Week. Laurie-Ann created a display that was showcased in the AHS office. Tiffany, Laurie-Ann and other social workers presented at the local high school in Jasper regarding the social work profession. Laurie-Ann delivered cookies and a card to social workers in Hinton, Alberta . This was a well-received surprise.

Social Work Display in Jasper
Left to right: Laurie-Ann Reddick, Tiffany Toussaint and Wanda Ferland

Delivering cookies during social work week
Left to right: Laurie-Ann Reddick, Sue Arends Tiffany Toussaint