Alberta College of Social Workers

Workplace Bullying Resource Kit

As with all professions some of our fellow colleagues are suffering from the abuse of Workplace Bullying (WPB). The perpetrators of this abuse may be supervisors, managers, peers (lateral violence or mobbing), or members of multi-disciplinary teams (physicians, doctors, nurses, pastors, police officers, teachers and administrators). Workplace Bullying does not discriminate among professions or ranks within each profession. Social Workers who have high caseloads, frequent crisis interventions, high staff turnover, work with a variety of educational and training backgrounds, frequently changing guidelines and leadership, and lack consistent (mentoring/supportive) supervision, may have heightened risk factors to workplace bullying. In addition to WPB, the added risk factors for social workers can also include high stress, ill-health, burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and secondary stress trauma. The aim of this Took Kit is to offer support by providing information and resources to social work practitioners.

To download the Workplace Bullying Resource Kit log on with your ACSW user name / password. If you are not an ACSW RSW / member contact ACSW at local: 780-421-1167 or toll free: 1-800-661-3089 for assistance.