Alberta College of Social Workers

Human Services Ministry Statement

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March 3-9 is National Social Work Week – a time to acknowledge a profession that is instrumental in improving the lives of people in our province.

I was pleased to introduce a representative group of registered social workers in the legislature this past Tuesday in recognition of this important week. I could not introduce all of you, but it was wonderful to highlight their work for members of the assembly. Jason Luan, MLA for Calgary-Hawkwood, was also able to speak about the many dedicated individuals in the field who go above and beyond in serving their fellow Albertans. His statement is attached.

Every day, social workers influence thousands of people in a positive way. The hard work, the professionalism and the compassion they put into their work often does not get the kind of recognition and gratitude it should, which is why this week is so important. Anyone who chooses to work with vulnerable people understands they may need to invest a great deal of time and energy into supporting someone to overcome challenges in their life and make changes for the better. But when they see a happy child, or a man being able to be the husband and father he wants to be, or a woman being able to stand on her own after being held down, the satisfaction of a job well done is enormous. Because for many people social work is not just a job, it is a calling. It is a way of life. I know the work can be difficult and the successes may sometimes feel far between, but it is worth it. I am proud of the difference being made in the lives of individuals, children and families because of the social workers in our ministry who work with their teams to protect and support vulnerable Albertans.

It is also important to recognize the Human Services workers, administrative staff and other professionals who work side-by-side to help and enable children, families and other Albertans to live a life with dignity and respect. The real strength of our ministry is its people, and I am thankful for the selfless work you do every day.

Yours truly,

Dave Hancock, QC