Alberta College of Social Workers

               Application instructions for Social Workers with Credentials from an Unrecognized Social Work Programs

Application should be completed by applicants who completed an advanced social work education program that is not accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) or the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  It must be a Social Work Program of study. 

If your credential was earned outside of Canada or the USA, prior to completing this application you should have your transcripts assessed to determine eligibility for registration.  The preferred assessment is the assessment from the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW).  ACSW will also accept the Specialized Assessment provided by the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS).  Be advised that if the IQAS assessment does not provide the information required for approval, you may be asked to have an assessment completed by the CASW.  An assessment from a university with a CASWE or CSWE accredited social work program will also be considered.  Please ask the assessment provider to send a copy of the assessment directly to ACSW.  

Assessment services are provided by

 1, Canadian Association of Social Workers
     402-383 Parkdale Avenue
     Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4R4
     Telephone: (613)729-6668
     Fax: (613)729-9608

 2. International Qualifications Assessment Service
     Ministry of Learning, Government of Alberta
     9th Floor-9942 108 Street NW  
     Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2J5
     Telephone: (780)427-2655  
     Fax: (780)422-9734

When your assessment is complete, please contact the ACSW to find out if you qualify for registration. (Review of an assessment is usually completed within two weeks of receipt.) If you qualify, you will be eligible to apply for registration.

A provisional practice permit which will allow you to work as a regulated professional (Registered Social Worker) in Alberta may be issued when the ACSW receives the following documentation

1.  Application for Social Workers with Credentials from an Unrecognized Social Work Programs   The education/training information requested should not include any coursework required for assessed education. 

2. Approved Education Assessment.  This should already be filed at the ACSW office. 

3. Background Information. Please provide a current résumé. ACSW is most interested in social work related activities. 

4. Current Criminal Record Check. The Criminal Record Check should be issued no more than six months from the date of receipt by ACSW. Contact your local law enforcement
agency for information on how to obtain this document. See the Application Instructions for additional information.

5. A Character Reference Form completed by a person of your choice (does not need to be a Registered Social Worker) who is able to answer the questions and who is not a family member/partner. Please write the referee’s name and address in the space at the top of the form. Ensure that your name appears on the form. Ask your referees to submit the forms directly to the ACSW office.  

6. Continuing Competency Requirements – You are required to complete a Self- Assessment and Learning Plan.  These forms and more information on the competency program can be found on the ACSW website at  

Provisional registration will remain in place until the applicant has met the following requirements.  

1. Examination requirements.  You are required to successfully complete an examination based on the highest level of social work education as determined by your assessment. The exam should be completed within your first year of registration. More information on the exam will be provided when your application is received. 

2. Supervised practice hours. New registrants will be provisionally registered until they have satisfactorily completed 1500 hours of social work practice, supervised by a Registered Social Worker who does not have provisional status.  When the 1500 practice hours are complete, please ensure the Supervisor Reference Form is submitted to the ACSW.  Social work experience completed prior to registration in Alberta will not count toward the 1500 required hours. 

3. Insurance. All social workers are who are working within the scope of social work practice are required to show evidence of having professional liability insurance (this is insurance that provides coverage in the event of a complaint against your practice as a social work).  This may be provided  by your employer, or you may have a personal policy through the ACSW group plan or through another company. A copy of the cover sheet showing who is covered for what is sufficient. If you are not currently in practice, you must forward this documentation when you begin working.  

Restricted Activities:  Section 2 question 6 of the Application for Registration refers to Restricted Activities.  Social workers with a BSW or higher degree and who have appropriate education/ training may be authorized to perform psychosocial interventions without supervision. Information on psychosocial interventions is available on the ACSW website at, as is the application form 
     ( icted_activities).