2017 Canadian federation Clinical Hypnosis-AS Introductory Workshop
17-Feb-2017 8:00 AM - 19-Feb-2017 4:00 PM - -

This 20-hour structured workshop consists of lectures, demonstrations and role-plays, videos of expert therapists, small group (4-6) practice, and written material. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience trance state, use several induction and deepening routines with fellow participants, and will be exposed to several hypnotic strategies that can be utilized with various medical and psychological problems. Successful completion of this workshop satisfies one of the membership requirements for the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Date: Friday, February 17, 2017 Location: FOOTHILLS 2

Friday, February 17, 2017 08:00-08:30 Registration 08:45-09:00 Introduction (Dr. Alladin) 09:00-10:00 History, Definitions and Misconceptions of Hypnosis (Dr. Edgar) 10:00-10:30 COFFEE BREAK 10:30-11:15 Process of Hypnotic Induction and ReAlerting (Dr. Alladin) 11:15-12:00 Demonstration of Induction and Re-Alerting Dr. Alladin & Dr. Amundson) 12:00-13:00 Lunch 13:00-14:30 Small Group Practice 1 14:30-15:15 Methods of Deepening - Stages of Hypnosis, Hypnotic Suggestibility (Dr. Demjen) 15:15-15:30 TEA BREAK 15:30-16:30 Hypnotic Phenomena and their Therapeutic Applications (Dr. Amundson) 16:30-18:00 Small Group Practice II

Saturday, February 18, 2017 08:00-09:00 Treatment Planning and Technique Selection (Dr. Alladin) 09:00-10:00 Types of Hypnotic Suggestions (Dr. Edgar) 10:00-10:30 COFFEE BREAK 10:30-11:30 DVD – Entranced (Dr. Alladin) 11:30-12:00 Presenting Hypnosis to Patient and Informed Consent (Dr. Amundson) 12:00-13:00 Lunch 13:00 -14:30 Applications of Hypnosis to Medicine (Dr. Wilkes) 14:30-15:30 Teaching Self-Hypnosis (Dr. Demjen) 15:30-16:00 TEA BREAK 16:00-17:30 Small Group Practice III

Sunday, February 19, 2017 08:00-09:00 Exploration and Strategies for Managing Resistance (Dr. Amundson) 09:00-10:30 Applications of Hypnosis to Psychiatry (Dr. Alladin) 10:30-11:00 COFFEE BREAK 11:00-12:30 Small Group Practice IV 12:30-13:15 Hypnosis and Professional Ethics (Dr. Amundson) 13:15-13:30 Certificates and Adjourn (Dr. Alladin)

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