Alberta College of Social Workers

                                               Application Instructions For New/Recent Graduate Registration

Registration should be should be completed by applicants who have completed a social work education program from a Canadian Association for Social Worker Education (ASWE) or Council on Social Work Education (CSWE accredited university or from an approved Alberta social work diploma program within the past 3 years. 

Upon receipt of the completed application form and appropriate fee, a file will be opened. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all supporting documentation is uploaded thru the member portal. with the exception of the final and complete transcript.

A provisional New Graduates Registration as a registered Social Worker practice permit which will allow you to work as a regulated professional in Alberta may be issued when the ACSW receives the following documentation:

1. Application by New Graduates for Registration as a Registered Social Worker.  Please ensure that you complete the Application. Review the Application Instructions to ensure that you have provided all the necessary information and documentation.

2. Practicum Placements. Provide complete information on your practicum placements. ACSW will check the regulatory status of your practicum supervisors to ensure that they were qualified to provide supervision during the placement. A Qualified Social Worker is registered, licensed, or certified in the jurisdiction in which she/he practices and does not have provisional status. Please ensure that you have provided the supervisor’s correctly spelled name. You will receive notification from ACSW on the number of hours credited and the number of hours required to complete 1500 hours when registration is granted. Prior to registration as a social worker, only successfully completed practicum hours will be credited towards the 1500 hour supervised practice requirement. Please note: the University/College program you attended has an established practicum hour requirement. ACSW will not exceed that number when crediting acceptable placement hours.

3. Education Qualifications. Applicants must arrange to have official transcripts from your highest level of social work education submitted directly from the institution to the ACSW office. Transcripts provided by the applicant will not be accepted for purposes of registration. Because transcripts must be complete – they must indicate that you have completed the social work program and your diploma/degree is granted – you may submit a copy of a letter issued by the educational institution that states you have completed your social work program as proof of qualification until your transcripts are complete. Official and complete transcripts which indicate that the diploma/degree is granted must be submitted within the first year of registration.

4. Background Information. A current résumé will usually satisfy this requirement. ACSW is most interested in social work related activities and provinces of residence.


5. Character Reference Form. This may be given to a person of your choice (does not have to be a Registered Social Worker) who is able to answer the questions and who is not a family member/partner. Please write the referee’s name and address in the space at the top of the form. Ensure that your name appears on the form. Ask your referees to submit the forms directly to the ACSW office. Note: The Character Reference Form and Supervisor Reference Form must not be completed by the same person.


6. Current Criminal Record Check. The Criminal Record Check should be issued no more than six months from the date of receipt by ACSW. Contact your local law enforcement agency for information on how to obtain this document. See the Application Instructions for additional information.

7. Payment Form and Appropriate Payment.
Full payment of the application fee and appropriate professional dues are required before your application is considered. Please note: If you are a student member with the Alberta College of Social Workers, you may be entitled to a reduction in your professional dues. Contact the ACSW office for the more information. 


Provisional registration will remain in place until the applicant has met the following requirements.

1. Supervisor Reference Form.  The Supervisor Reference Form will be submitted by the Registered Social Worker who has supervised you for your outstanding practice hours.  The social work supervisor will be considered qualified if she/he was fully registered (did not have provisional status) during the period of supervision. Once you have been registered and completed your remaining practice hours, you can forward a Supervisor Reference Request thru your member portal, which can be found under the Additional tab. You must be registered before you can see this option thru your member portal. Please note the Character Reference form and Supervisor Reference must be from two different individuals.  No hours (paid or volunteer) worked prior to registration will count toward this requirement. 

2. Professional Liability Insurance.  All social workers are who are working within the scope of social work practice are required to show evidence of having professional liability insurance (this is insurance for coverage in the event of a complaint against your practice as a social worker).  This may be coverage through your employer, or you may have a personal policy through the ACSW group plan or another company.  A copy of the cover sheet showing who is covered for what is sufficient. If you are not currently in practice, you must forward this documentation when you begin working.  

3. Official and complete transcript.  If you were unable to provide a complete transcript at time of registration, this must be provided within your first year of registration.  

Provisional registration will not normally be granted beyond the first year of registration. If you are unable to complete the 1500 hours within one year, please contact the ACSW office and arrange for an extension.

Restricted Activities: Social workers with a BSW or higher degree and who have appropriate education/ training may be authorized to perform psychosocial interventions without supervision. Information on psychosocial interventions is available on the ACSW website.

Additional Requirement: If you have practiced social work in another jurisdiction (in Canada or the USA), you must complete the Application Registration Regulated at Another Jurisdiction. and forward Appendix B to each jurisdiction, even if you were not registered when you were practicing. Complete the top portion of the Appendix and forward the form to the regulatory body. Please include a copy of page 1 of the jurisdiction form with your application for registration. Note: Some regulatory bodies require a fee for verification. The applicant is responsible for any additional fees. Please check with the jurisdiction(s) you are coming from and include any additional fees required when you send them this form.